Tan Kozh - Lignages Oubliés

Tan Kozh - Lignages Oubliés
Tan Kozh was created by Sven (Himinbjorg, Belenos, Möhrkvlth, Ar Bard) in 2015. After composing the album, Yamnah (Belenos) helped him for the lyrics, they were then joined by Decay (ex-Way to End) on drums, Barved (ex-Les Chants De Nihil) on guitar & Introspect (Introspect, ex- Les Chants De Nihil) on bass.The recording is fully redone to play a real drumset, and with various additions by all members. The band starts concerts in 2018. The first album, "Lignages Oubliés", is a pagan black metal album inspired by ancient indoeuropean myths. The warlike rythmics switch to frenetic blast-beats and some more contemplative passages, including acoustic guitar and fretless bass. The first part of the album countains visions of past and future wars and destructions, with in the background the awakening of ancient pagan gods and the eternal turn of the wheel of time, the second part of the album is made of prayers adressed directly to ancient gods.

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