black / death

History : Régiment original idea dates back to 2010. Between 2012 and 2015 the first album was recorded and then released. Formed around the core of a fast drumming and an epic riffing inspired by the 80’s heavy metal, Régiment plays a heavy-death metal which features powerful yet original vocal parts. The themes are all focused on the first world war.

Bandmembers : H, GdW, Isarnos, M.

Releases through Antiq :

Régiment shirt

Régiment shirt limited to 50. Available in S, M, L. Black print on white/grey shirt : 13€


On les Aura!

Pure black death metal fury with concept about war and destructions of WWI. Extraordinary lineup with members of Anus Mundi, Lugnasad, Öxxö Xööx, Wormfood, Mind Asylum, Peste Noire live, Aorlhac, Lemovices live, Hanternoz, Ê, Grylle. Mixed and Mastered by Verdunkeln frontman, known for having worked on the sound of Truppensturm and Ruins of Beverast. Music is a furious black death with heavy/thrash influences, you could compare it to Arghoslent, and some tunes sound war-like as well with ambiences.

CD with a 12-pages booklet : 12€