Ordo Blasphemus

Chaotic black metal

History : Created in 2005, the Order is a two-man piece (formed as a trio for live and resumed eventually to a duet). A tortured and raw black metal with agressive or high pitch vocals. A chaotic maelstrom and a blasphemic way to the depths of human understanding.

Bandmembers : Antumnos, Lazareth

Releases through Antiq :

cult black metal

Real cult for this release. In a handcrafted wooden box by the musicians themselves with burnt logos and release name! True devilry cult here, with two tapes of genius Urfaust-like recordings for the bandmembers of side projects like Anceisural Eritance, Cathédrale de Glace, Selvsmord, Reverence live, Peste Noire session!! Sick black metal with ultra tormented vocals! Wood box with lincel and 2 tapes, a printed card, a poster. Available with a tee shirt or with a tee shirt and a CD in a handcrafted sleeve. Handburnt Numbered /100 ex!

Wood Box 15 €, Wood Box with Tee Shirt 25€, Wood Box with exclusive Tee Shirt + CD 30€

Chaotic black metal

Incredible chaotic black metal, with spatial and horrendous ambiance. Very strange and very stunning.