History : Oldest band on the label was formed around Hyvermor in 2006. Following a series of lineup changes, the band came from 5 bandmembers in 2010 to a trio, then a duet since 2013, consisting of Sparda & Hyvermor. Rooted in Bretagne, the band displays lyrical themes around the mystic and factual history, the legends, and the langage of the old land of Bretagne (France).

Bandmembers : Sparda and Hyvermor.

Releases through Antiq :


Breton black metal

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Mallozh d'Ar Zistrujerien Kastell Ankiniz

pagan black metal

Black metal with folkloric and pagan influences, compilation of 2 EPs for a full time of 40 minutes. Great quality for this epic riffing and powerful pagan black metal.

Regular CD version : 8€
Tape version in deluxe slipcase : 5€

D'Anjou en Vasconie - La très grande Chasse d'Hellequin

Breton pagan black metal

Pagan black metal split from France and Basque land, with 45 minutes of fierce black metal with folk additions. Hanternoz song is a 15 minutes piece of inspired black / folk metal.

Regular CD version : 10€

Linceuls d'Ecume

Breton black metal

Fast and cold raw pagan black metal, 2nd release of Hanternoz for this EP of 33 minutes. Beautiful booklet of 12 pages.

Regular CD version : 8€

Metal Kozh

Metal folk from Bretagn

Folk black metal with lyrics sung in Breton. First album / demo of 50 minutes, about breton legends, big booklet with all lyrics + photos.

Regular CDr version : 7€

Hanternoz druid shirt

Breton black metal

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