Medieval black metal

History : Sinking its roots deep in the years as early as 2009. Taking a real form and name in 2013, the project of one man, Hyvermor, quickly recorded and released the all-acclaimed album « Monstres et Merveilles », already featuring participation of Aliunde. Short after, in sommer, Hyvermor went with Lazareth and Aliunde to perform mountain recordings. Blending pure black metal shrieks, declamative vocals, middle-ages-inspired music, based on medieval history or fantastic themes, Grylle’s music is the proper atmosphere proper to thinking, practice alchemy or perform sorcery.

Bandmembers : Hyvermor, Aliunde.

Releases through Antiq :

Les Grandes Compagnies - Merch

Medieval black metal

Middle-ages black metal and medieval music band GRYLLE is back with a new album. T-Shirt for the release of Les Grandes Compagnies.

Early version, black print on grey shirt : 15€
Regular version, red print on black shirt : 15€
Sweat regular version, red print on black hoodie : 35€

Mondes Vermeils

French medieval black metal

Medieval black metal first album now on CD featuring also a rehearsal tape from the early ages of the project. With 8-pages booklet with photos and lyrics of the first album “Monstres et Merveilles”. New layout and new paintings in the entire booklet, album featuring Monstres & Merveilles + Les Nuits sur les Monts.

Gold logo deluxe CD version : 12€
Regular CD version : 10€

Monstres et Merveilles

Acoustic medieval black metal

Middle-ages are full of strange creatures, disturbing, threatening. Those mirrors of the human mind were translated in paint, in music, and now they are here laughing on your vanities. 40 minutes of the five titles of “Monstres et Merveilles” depict a colourful yet fantastic imagination through a medieval music with shriek vocals.

Collector tape with gold logo : 5€
Regular tape : 4€

Les Nuits sur les Monts

Ambient / Acoustic / Neofolk

Medieval music with black metal vocals and some of ancient instruments used. Very raw rare rehearsal on mountains.

Tape album in slipcase with gold logo. Limited to 36, sold out.