Brutal death metal / Old school Grindcore


History : The three-piece death metal act started in 2008, delivering a violent and uncompromising amount of raw brutality in the vein of old-school death metal. Recorded in 2009-2010 and released in 2015 only, the sophomore album made the statement about what Braquemaard is up to.

Bandmembers : Lazareth, Hyvermor

Genre : Old school brutal death metal

Status : undisclosed

Releases through Antiq :

Pendu, traîné sur une claie jusqu'à la potence et mis en quart.

Brutal Death metal / Oldschool death metal / Grindcore

Destructive and invasive death metal with over speed on drums. Raw and powerful vocals and riffs sounding like old Grave, or Morbid Angel. General sound is close to Mental Horror or the likes of Brodequin. Ultimate old school death metal with a big touch of brutality. With lyrical themes about medieval torture and sexual perversions.

CD version with collector patch : 12€
CD version : 10€