Sumerian doom/death


History : Ê is a nickname of a name that should not be spoken out nor revealed. It first was formed as a one-man death metal project in 2010. The second album was the occasion to gather 3 other members, for the second album, out in 2012.

Bandmembers : Ashipu, Nash Patri, Sha’Ilùm, Kalûm

Genre :
Death metal (early), Doom Death

Status : on hold

Releases through Antiq :


Oriental Doom/Death

Very loud and slow doom/death metal with oriental influences and historical themes about Mesopotamia, with a 8-pages booklet.

Regular CD version : 8€


Death metal

Powerful violent death metal with oriental influences. Released by Antiq, though no catalogue number nor any promotion.

Cassette tape with xeroxed cover : 4€